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St Patricks Pictures

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Angelic NOT

Are the drugs wearing off yet

Auction Hotting Up

Banner girls

Big Bob

Choices Choices

Dave and Grin

Excuse us

Fly Air Fungus

Full swing


Gringots Bank

Guinness stock

Guinness swiller and Gnome

Hales Hat

Having a fag

Having fun yet?

JB Leads the singing

JB leads the singing II

Kilt and Linda

Kilt and Linda II

Look at that hat

Look at that hat II


Paul Dave Sam and Chris eating

Pau Peter and Chris Gnomes

Paul Peter and Chris Gnomes II

Pensive or tired?

Peter and Sam Hunkerdown

Ready for onslaught

Sam blends in

Sam on the bottle

Steve struggling to focus





The Auctioneer on the stand

The Auctioneers little helper

The mysteries of the glitter ball1

The mysteries of the glitterball 2

The mysteries of the glitterball 3

They went that away

View of the room 1

View of the room 2

We have to go

We look the same from the back!

What was Helen Thinking


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