Broadband by Christmas !

How things change change

After a vigorous and well supported campaign the Steeple Bumpstead exchange will be enabled for Broadband ADSL by December the Third 2003. Thanks to all who supported the campaign. We can now all look forward to Broadband internet access with our provider of choice.

What Next?

Well now comes the fun bit. We can choose whoever we like to provide Broadband for us. In general terms this will probably be your current provider. However there are many deals available out there so the BUMS thought a link to impartial advice would help.

The very best and most open guide to Broadband services in the UK is to be found at the ADSLguide. They cover every aspect from set up to whole life costs. They offer advice for people lucky enough to have their employers pay for the connection to the latest offers available for the rest of us.


If you are still wondering why you should have Broadband then we may have a few answers to your questions:

Broadband for Home

1) Broadband means that the phone will not be tied up when "on line "

2) Broadband means that sending large files and attachments is easy.

3) Broadband means that several computers can share one connection, all the family can have the access they need and the phone line is still free !

4) Broadband means that playing on line games will be easy - however now being fragged repeatedly will be down to skill not the connection speed 8^)

5) Broadband means that we can listen to the radio live or catch up on missed broadcasts

6) Broadband means that our children have the best access to information. They will be ale to compete with their peers in connected areas. Actually Bumpstead will be a relatively quiet Broadband node so we will receive a much better connection than most - for the same money !

Plus loads of other benefits......please e-mail the address below for answers to specific questions


Broadband for Business


All of the above in a business sense plus:


1 )Instant customer response

2) Instant access to competitive information on the World Wide Web

3) Ability to support global customers

4) Ability to run real servers accessing the Internet to solve your customers problems and fulfill their orders.

5) Ability to promote a local service on a world wide scale.

6) Ability to have a global presence with a local cost base


Plus many more. The BUMS are happy to work with local people to realise the benefits of Broadband A local company EBG Limited will provide a half day of free consultancy to all Bumpstead businesses to help them realise the benefits of this service. This is in line with the work done and spirit of the application for government funding for Broadband for Bumpstead.


We are happy to help with this process or answer questions about Broadband in general. Please send mail to


The author of this piece is very passionate about Broadband Chris can be found on Thursday night in the lounge bar of the Fox and Hounds and is always happy to help anyone interested in Broadband If there are any other local groups for example Scouts ,PTA, Local Businesses who want to help in this venture please use the mail above and we will welcome you aboard the campaign



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